Discipleship Roadmap

We strive for the family and the body of Christ to exist together in a biblical partnership so that at every level of ministry children and students are discipled in the home and in the church.

Biblical Partnership

Birth — 2 Years Old

Partnering with parents of children from birth to 2 years old by providing a safe loving atmosphere where age-appropriate Biblical truths are taught as well as encouraging all parents to attend the Baby Dedication equipping class.

Baby Dedication Equipping Class
Topics Covered:
  • What is baby dedication?
  • Curriculum taught at FBC for this age.
  • Encourage parents to read a Bible story at bedtime.
  • Resources for parents of children birth-2 years old.

Special Event: Group Baby Dedication
Held twice a year for the parents who attend the equipping class.

Biblical Foundation

3 — 4 Years Old

Establishing a foundation of faith through hands-on, interactive lessons that span the entire Bible as well as encouraging memorization of scripture communicated to parents through the equipping class.

Family Worship Equipping Class
Topics Covered:
  • Start Scripture memory at home.
  • Curriculum taught at FBC in preschool
  • Bedtime Bible stores or family devotions.
  • Resources for parents of children 3-4 years old.

Special Event: Preschool Scripture Presentation
A short presentation of about 3 Bible verses the preschoolers have memorized through song/hand motions, etc.

Biblical Discovery

K — 3rd Grade

Impart to children from Kindergarten thru 3rd grade a foundation of doctrine and truth. During this time our children learn who God is, his attributes and character and the promises of God. We also want children to get the word of God in their hands.

Foundations of Faith Equipping Class
Topics Covered:
  • Overview of the Bible (poetry, history, prophecy, gospels, etc.) Suggestion to purchase an ESV Bible and  to bring it to church.
  • Family Devotional resources (continued).
  • Memorizing books of the Bible and scripture (continued).

Biblical Theology

4th — 5th Grade

4th and 5th grade children gain a deeper understanding of a God-centered world view by being equipped to serve God and serve others as well as learn how to wisely interact with digital content through an equipping class (for students and parents).

Special Event: 5th Grade Graduation

Biblical Identity & Literacy

6th — 8th Grade

We will focus on continuing gospel proclamation to our middle school students, building on the foundations established in Children's Ministry. We will use a three-year cycle curriculum, in order to ensure that students know the big picture of the Bible.

Family Worship Equipping Class
One week class on Sunday morning (2nd service) helping parents adjust or implement family worship time now that children are older.
Suggest resources and materials.
Applicable for middle school and high school parents.

Biblical Practice

9th — 10th Grade

For our 9th and 10th grade students, we will focus our teaching and group times on putting into practice what they have learned in their time at First Bible. As always, we will continue gospel proclamation. Our teaching times will consist of exposition and practical application, and we will teach the basics of hermeneutics in order to aid students in their growth in the spiritual disciplines.

Discipling Your Teen Equipping Class
A 4- week class (held Sunday mornings during 2nd hour) covering:
  • Gen Z
  • Technology Accountability & Social Media
  •  Purity & Sexual Ethics
  • Spiritual Disciplines.

Freshman Cookout
Held each year for incoming freshmen, their parents and small group leaders.

Biblical Mission

11th — 12th Grade

Our desire is for our 11th and 12 grade students to live out the Biblical mission of "Gather, Grow, Go." We want to see these students function as adults in the church. This milestone will emphasize church membership, participating in gospel proclamation, and finding his or her area of service.

Supporting Your Child in College/Workforce
Pastor Steve and parents currently in this phase share with parents at the Senior Lunch about what students are currently facing in universities and workplaces, and share wisdom for how parents can support children in this phase.

Special Event: Senior Commissioning
Happens at the end of 2nd service on a Sunday in May before the congregation.

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