The Discipleship Process

The mission of First Bible Church is to glorify God. The strategy of First Bible Church is helping people know, love, obey, and exalt Jesus Christ. Taken together, our mission statement is clear: Our mission is to glorify God by helping people know, love, obey, and exalt Jesus Christ. In other words, we delight in helping people become disciples of Jesus.

But strategies require tactics. For nearly two thousand years, Jesus has been keeping his promise to build his church, and nothing or no one can delay or deny him. He gave the church a clear commission: “make disciples.” Every local church is accountable to Jesus, the head of the church, for their faithfulness to carry out that commission in their own generation. Therefore, we strive to be students of the Word and students of the world as we strive to fulfill the Great Commission.

First Bible Church is committed to a three stage tactical approach to making disciples, but it requires a commitment on your part. That is, if you truly desire to follow Christ, there are three specific and time-tested things that you can begin today.

Show up on Sunday morning.

Because Jesus was raised on the first day of the week, Sunday quickly became a special day for his disciples. On this, the Lord’s Day, disciples gather to publicly worship the Lord and to learn his Word. So every Sunday morning we gather in corporate worship for God-glorifying praise and singing, expository preaching, reading of Scripture, prayer, and frequent celebration of the ordinances. For the follower of Jesus, public worship on the Lord’s Day is a priority.

Grow up in a community group.

The authentic relationships you will need to persevere in following Christ cannot be formed in corporate worship alone. In smaller community groups, we come to know other disciples and are known by them in ways that brace our souls. We believe in these groups because Jesus did. In choosing twelve men to “be with him,” he gives us the model of disciplemaking. True fellowship is sharing life together. Through our Discover FBC class and ministries like Adult Bible Fellowships, equipping classes, Men’s Prayer Breakfast, Women’s Bible Studies, and small groups, we seek to foster Biblical friendship. Active participation in a community group ensures that you are prayed for, supported, encouraged, held accountable, and equipped in your Christian life. It also means you will be missed if you are gone! Here you will learn how to articulate and defend your faith in Christ. In these groups, there is more freedom to voice doubt, confess sin, express grief, and ask the hard questions in a safe environment. Here, facades fade and genuine friendships flourish.

Step up and serve.

Because Jesus “did not come to be served, but to serve,” his disciples look for ways to serve. When you gather and grow, you are being served more than you serve. But when you go, you take what you’ve been given and share it with others. Just as more mature disciples helped you get to this place, you are now ready to help others. Depending on the way the Lord has gifted and called you, you may serve in supporting roles or leadership roles, behind the scenes or up front, teaching the Bible or reaching out to newcomers, serving inside the church or outside of the church. But at some point, you will stop growing as a Christian if you do not go, taking what you have been given, and investing it in other people. In the end, this ministry of multiplication bears much fruit as disciples make disciples who make disciples.

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