Getting Connected
Our desire at First Bible Church is to help people get connected with God and with each other. God has wired us so that we need not only him but also each other. It is impossible to go it alone. We want to help provide an environment for people to connect, become friends, enjoy, and support one another.

Adult Bible Fellowships
Studying God’s Word Together, Relationships with Others,

Caring for One Another, Reaching out to Others

Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are groups of adults that meet together for fellowship around the solid teaching of Scripture. These groups provide a healthy environment for making new friends and strengthening old friendships. In effect, each ABF is a small congregation-within-a-congregation made up of members who are committed to care for one another.

When and where do Adult Bible Fellowships meet?
Decatur Campus – ABFs meet on Sunday mornings during both hours (9:15 and 10:45). ABF classes are located on the second floor (northeast side) .
Please note: During the month of July Adult Bible Fellowships do not meet.

Madison Campus – Adult Bible Fellowships meet at 9:15 a.m.  If you have questions about or are interested in being involved contact Wayne Campbell.

Which Adult Bible Fellowship do I attend?
Most ABFs focus on seasons of life, but some are intergenerational. You may want to visit two or three before you decide where you would like to participate. Of course, you may attend any group you wish.

For more information on classes offered,  pick up an ABF brochure at the main Welcome Center.

ABF Discussion Guide

In our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) this fall, we will be using the sermon series for our group discussion on Sunday mornings. Each week, we will cover the previous week’s lesson in our class time. So, for example, Sunday, August 24th, we will be discussing the sermon from August 17th.

Below are PDF copies of the discussion guides.

ABF Lesson August 24, 2014

ABF Lesson August 31, 2014

ABF Lesson September 7, 2014

ABF Lesson September 21, 2014

ABF Lesson September 28, 2014

ABF Lesson October 5, 2014

ABF Lesson October 12, 2014

ABF Lesson October 19, 2014

ABF Lesson October 26, 2014

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