Joining Our Family

Church membership is a great privilege with immeasurable benefits. As an active member, you will enjoy strong friendships with other believers, genuine fellowship, and the kind of loving accountability and encouragement you will need to follow Christ. With the great privilege comes a weighty responsibility. The church family is a place to be served and to serve; to be loved and to love; to receive and to give. Because we believe that church membership is such an important part of your life as a disciple, we have developed an introduction to our church.

C1 — Our CREED: Truths We Believe
Truths We Believe is the first of four classes we call “Catalysts of Commitment.” Here we compress the essentials of the Christian faith into one Sunday evening. Over the years, we have discovered the most common questions that are asked about our church and we try to address these at this time. C1 is offered several times a year and is a requirement for membership at First Bible Church. C1 is led by our Sr. Pastor, Steve Bateman, and is a great opportunity to meet some of our leaders as well as other newcomers to First Bible.

For more information contact
Paul Cheshier,
Decatur Campus (256) 353-2711 ext. 3769
Wayne Campbell,
Madison Campus (256) 353-2711 ext. 3771

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